Lock Picking

It can take a long time to be successful consistently at lock picking. It requires lots of patience, and years of practice and experience.

There is even a sport that has been made of it ("Locksport" https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Locksport)

To make things harder, security keys/restricted locks are commonly found in apartments and some houses, which makes lock picking significantly harder

Here are a variety of restricted cylinders that have been successfully picked open by us.

Never attempt to pick a lock open that you do not own or have permission from the owner to.

Never attempt to pick a lock in use.


Difficulty 6/10

LDH - D1

Difficulty 5/10

Novas MSA 

Difficulty 2/10


Difficulty 4/10

B13 (Gen6T)

Difficulty 8/10

16B (Gen6T)

Difficulty 8/10

B23 (Gen6T)

Difficulty 8/10

Novas N1B

Difficulty 4/10

Dimple lock


Difficulty 8/10


Difficulty 8/10


Difficulty 6/10

SPC (Lockwood Status 6)

Difficulty 9/10


Difficulty 4/10

Difficulty 1/10