Digital Locks Installations

You have seen them before.

Could have been a neighbour, maybe family or friends. They don't have keys, they just enter a code, use a fingerprint or maybe just swipe a card.

Those, are digital locks.

David's Locksmith Services can replace your existing locks, with electronic digital locking solutions, so you can forget about those keys!

So what type of digital lock will fit my door?

If you are not sure what will fit, scroll down for more information of lock styles, or give us a call for help.

If you know what style of digital lock you are after, CLICK HERE to see some recommended brands/designs.

Digital Lock Styles

Most Digital Locks that are common in Australia, are one of 2 main digital lock styles:

Although these two cover most of the locks out there, there are now digital locks to suit all types of locks (mortice locks, dead-latch locks, shop locks etc...).

Below are examples of some digital lock styles, that cover most of what is found here in Australia:

1- Digital Deadbolts

Digital Deadbolts are Deadbolt style locks that are controlled by an electric motor, which is activated when the correct pin code / fingerprint / NFC tag is introduced.

This is one example of a Digital Deadbolt: The Yale Assure SL

This is what it replaces, a standard Deadbolt:

2 - Digital Levers

Digital Levers are Handles that operate a standard latch, by engaging and disengaging the lever when the correct pin code / fingerprint / nfc tag is introduced.

This is one example of a Digital Leverset: A Lockly Pro Latch

This is what it replaces: A standard Leverset / Knobset

3 - Deadlatches, Trilocks and more

Some other popular entrance locks in Australia include: 

1- Rim Cylinder Deadlatches

2- Gainsborough Trilock entrance sets

3- Oval Cylinder Mortice Locks.

All of these lock types, have digital locking solutions. 

What are the advantages of a digital lock?

Upgrading to a digital lock has a few different advantages that include:

How much does a digital lock cost?

The installation of a digital lock, is $160, plus the cost of the lock itself.

Digital locks vary widely in cost, and can range from around $180 at the cheapest, all the way up to $1,500 for high end commercial fire rated digital mortice locks.

What happens when a digital lock battery runs out?

Most digital locks and safes will have an external power source socket, for the event that batteries run flat. This allows powering up the lock temporarily using a 9v battery, or a Micro-USB power bank. Most digital locks will notify the owner when power is running low.

Other locks utilise an "Emergency Key Override" that can operate the lock with a normal key, even when batteries are flat.

If you are locked outside of your property with a non-functional digital lock, and you do not have emergency keys for it, call a Locksmith that can assist with opening the door.