High Security / Restricted key system

Wanting to upgrade the security of your business / residence against lock picking and manipulation? 

Want to make sure no spare key copies are floating around with employees / tenants?

David's Locksmith Services can install high security, patented restricted MTL-600 superior protection locking systems for your property. 

What is a restricted master key system?

Restricted keys (also called security keys) are uniquely designed and patented keys, that cannot be copied/duplicated by hardware stores and Locksmith shops, like your standard Australian key. 

Only the Locksmith who created your restricted key system and installed it at your property, can create duplicates and copies of your restricted keys, and only with your authorization.

This is an effective security measure for shops/companies/offices/property owners that do not want previous staff members employees or tenants to have unauthorised copies of keys after they no longer work/live at your property. 

All keys that are produced for your property are registered and recorded on a database, so you will always know how many keys exist with your personnel.

Restricted / Security keys that we install for our clients are extremely difficult to pick/manipulate open, unlike a common Australian key. This is effective for upgrading security against people trying to pick your lock open, or gain access by breaking your lock or using unauthorized duplicates.

David's Locksmith Services can produce, design and install Restricted key systems for your premises.

On the left: a standard pin tumbler lock commonly used in Australia. Standard security, easy key duplication (any hardware store or key cutter stool)

On the right: a high security, patented, restricted key by Mul-T-Lock. This Mul-T-Lock cylinder has anti-drill features, anti pick spool pins, telescopic pin inside pin design and a floating interactive element to provide high security measures and prevent unauthorized key duplication